Clinics are a great way to fine tune your skills, while focusing on specific skill sets! At Lucky Lax, we offer a range of clinics focusing on all different aspects of the game! We offer our clinics in September and October! For those of you that are our club members - GOOD NEWS, these are 50% OFF as part of your club membership! Credits will be applied to all registrants that are selected for the 2019 - 2020 Club Season!

Check back often for updates. We are regularly booking Coaches for all different types of clinics to provide the most opportunities for YOU!

Draw Control to Goal!

Olivia DiCarlantonio


Win the draw, win the game! How many times have you heard your coach tell you that? Learn the art of the draw with Ohio State Buckeye Olivia DiCarlantonio! Olivia played four years as a midfielder, focusing on winning the draw. The clinic will include wrist strength exercises, draw control skills building, and goal scoring!

Date: 9/22/19

Time: 1:30p - 3:00p

Location: Dublin Jerome Lax/FH Practice Field

Cost: $40

Sunday Snipe!

Bill Wolford

Bill Wolford

You're one on one with the goalie on a fast break! Your coach is on the sideline yelling FINISH! You can't WAIT to put this one in the back of the net. Then, you hit the goalie in the chest. We have all been there, eh? Our Sunday Snipe clinic is built to teach shooting and finishing! We are talking fakes, power, finesse, corners, shooting AROUND the goalie and ultimately finishing!

Date: 10/13

Time: 1:30p - 3:00p

Location: Heritage Park

| 60 N. Cleveland Ave. Westerville, OH |

Cost: $40

Reps! Reps! Reps! Wall Ball Clinic

Brittney Fauss-Johnson


When a college or pro player is asked "How did you get so good?" Or "What is your Pro Tip for a player to get better?" their number one answer is WALL BALL! Putting in work on the wall is KEY to success as a lacrosse player. You gotta put in the reps for everything to be smooth and natural. Come hang with Ohio State Record Holder, Brittney Fauss-Johnson to learn all the ways to Wall Ball so that you can up your game during this "Off Season"

Date: 10/20

Times: MS 11:00AM - 12:00PM

HS 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Location: Wilson Hill Elementary

Cost: $40