Who we are

Lucky Lax is an elite, girl's only club program offered in Central Ohio. We aim to provide an educational experience in a competitive arena while developing lacrosse players to their full potential. We are thrilled to offer a Club Program where our efforts are focused on developing the elite lacrosse player and elite teams while offering the tools, opportunities, and resources for both to thrive. We are built on the principle of instructing the individual and the team from the ground up. Meaning all elements of the game will be addressed from fundamentals to team strategy, individual skill, as well as offensive and defensive concepts. We offer one team per Grad Year. Our current offerings are for Grad Years 2021 - 2026.

Our Philosophy

Consistency and organization is the name of our game. Teams remain together year to year to create chemistry and fully develop their play. Our top notch coaches will remain with their teams throughout their Club careers each year. This gives them the opportunity to know their players, address their challenges and build on their strengths. Did we mention FUN? After all, lacrosse is the best sport on two feet! We strive for our players to have an awesome experience with us at Lucky Lax.

Tryouts & Selection Criteria

We believe competition is an integral part of forming a successful club. Tryouts are held to foster that competition. Our tryouts are held in September of each year. Notifications will be made to successful candidates within 24 hours of the tryout date. All players are re-evaluated annually. All new, and returning players are required to tryout. Selections are made based on player ability, and commitment to club participation.

Roster spots will be offered on Sunday September 15, 2019

Acceptance is requested no later than 48 Hours of Notification

Payment is required by Sunday September 22, 2019 to secure a roster spot once selected.

Time Commitment

It is expected that successful members of the Lucky Lax Club teams fully commit to playing for the club for entirety of the club season of Fall 2019 - Summer 2020. Commitment includes attendance at all practices, and tournaments. Lucky Lax promotes multi-sport athletes, and understand that Fall conflicts do arise. We build our practices to be on Sundays to avoid these conflicts! If there is a specific concern, please let us know. Please review the anticipated tournaments page, and fall timeline to ensure you can fully commit!

Club Membership Fees

Club Fees for Fall 2019-Summer 2020 Club season will vary for each travel team. Fees include club fees AND tournament fees. Club Fees will be collected through our secure online system or by check. Payments are to be made in full at the time of accepting a roster spot. Families will handle the expenses of travel and lodging for tournaments. There are no other additional fees.


2021- $1600

2022- $1600

2023- $1400

2024- $1400

2025/2026- $1400


Club Fees include the following expenses:

  • 8-10 Fall Practices
  • 15-20 Summer Practices
  • 1-2 Fall Tournaments
  • 3-4 Summer Tournaments
  • Uniform
  • Practice Reversible
  • Web Site Fees
  • Facility Rentals/field lining
  • Practice Equipment
  • Coaches’ Stipends
  • Travel costs for coaches
  • Administrative Costs
  • Recruiting Seminar
  • 50 % Off Instructional Sessions/Fall Clinics
  • Session 2 Indoor Club Hour at no additional cost