Draw control to goal clinic

Allie Level + Jamie Level



Win the draw, win the game! How many times have you heard your coach tell you that? Learn the art of the draw with The Level Sisters! Allie Level (Cal Club Lacrosse) and her sister Jamie Level (Ohio State Lacrosse) are here to teach you their ways!  The clinic will include wrist strength exercises, draw control skills building, and goal scoring!

Date: 9/19/2021

Time: 1:30P - 2:30P

Location: Heritage Park | 60 N. Cleveland Ave. Westerville, OH

Cost: $50



2021 - 2022 Club Team Members will receive a 50% Discount as part of their club dues! 

The discount code will be provided, following team selections.

If you prefer to secure your spot, we can provide you a 50% credit, following team selections.