Armonde Moore a graduate from Upper Arlington High School, and Lucky Lax alum is back in Columbus! Armonde was a four-year starter at Upper Arlington, where she was a 2013 State Champion, and the recipient of the 2014 Jackie Pitts Award. Armonde went on to play lacrosse at the University of Cincinnati, and coached in the Cincinnati area at Turpin High School with Paul Eldridge. She has been part of the Lucky Lax family, as an alum of our inaugural 2014 Club Team, and in 2016 & 2017, she was the 2020 Assistant coach. In 2019, she assisted with our Local Lucks team, where she was able to share her love of the game with the youth.  Now that Armonde is back in Columbus, she is the JV Coach at Upper Arlington, and the Assistant Coach of the 2025/2026. Her range of experience and passion for growing the game among the youth, makes her an awesome fit for our youngest team!